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Basket of Tulips Colour Drawing Step by Step

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Basket of Tulips Colour Drawing || Step-by-Step Tutorial


Step 1: Start by drawing the basket using simple shapes like rectangles and circles. Draw the handle of the basket and position it at an angle.

Step 2: Draw the stems of the tulips, making sure to position them inside the basket. You can draw some of the stems shorter and others longer to create a sense of depth and dimension.

Step 3: Add the tulip flowers by drawing the petals using curved lines. Draw each tulip at a slightly different angle to make the drawing look more interesting.

Step 4: Add the details to the tulips, like the stamens in the center of the flowers. You can also add some shading and highlights to the petals to make them look three-dimensional.

Step 5: Add some leaves to the tulips by drawing simple leaf shapes. Draw some leaves behind the tulips and some in front to create depth.

Step 6: Add some shading and highlights to the basket to give it dimension. You can use your pencil to create light and dark areas and add some texture to the basket.

Step 7: Finally, color your drawing using your favorite colors to make it look vibrant and beautiful. Use bright colors for the tulips and muted colors for the basket to create a nice contrast.

Great job! With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ve created your own beautiful drawing of a basket of tulips. Remember to have fun with your art and keep practicing to improve your skills.

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