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Draw a Candle in Hand Pencil Sketch

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How to Draw a Candle in Hand || Pencil Sketch Drawing

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Draw the basic shapes Begin by drawing a circle for the head and a horizontal oval below it for the body. Add a vertical line in the center of the oval to create the girl’s torso. Sketch a smaller circle on the upper left side of the head for the bun.

Step 2: Draw the face and hair Using the circle as a guide, draw the girl’s face. Add the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. Next, draw the hair, starting with the bun. Sketch two curved lines from the sides of the bun to create the girl’s braids. Add two small circles on each braid to represent the hair ties.

Step 3: Draw the outfit Draw a horizontal line across the body for the girl’s neckline. Sketch the collar of her outfit by drawing two curved lines extending from the neckline. Draw the sleeves by sketching two parallel lines on each side of the body. Add a skirt by drawing a curved line at the bottom of the body.

Step 4: Add details To add more detail to the girl’s outfit, sketch a bow at the center of the neckline. Draw a pattern on the skirt by adding vertical lines. Sketch a line around the waistline of the skirt to create a belt. Finally, add small circles on the sleeves to represent buttons.

Step 5: Erase guidelines Erase any guidelines and rough sketches you made earlier. Darken the final lines of your drawing.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the drawing! I hope this helps.


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