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How to draw the dragon

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Easy anime sketch | how to draw the dragon boy step-by-step.

Step 1: Start by drawing the dragon’s head. Draw a circle for the head and a small circle for the snout. Connect the circles with a curved line to form the jaw.

Step 2: Draw the dragon’s neck and body. Connect the head to the body with a long, curved line. Draw the dragon’s body using long, curved lines.

Step 3: Draw the dragon’s legs. Draw four legs, each consisting of two curved lines. Add claws to each foot.

Step 4: Draw the dragon’s wings. Draw two large wings on either side of the body. Each wing should consist of long, curved lines. Add texture to the wings with some smaller curved lines.

Step 5: Add details to the dragon’s face. Draw the eyes, nostrils, and a row of teeth. Add spikes to the top of the dragon’s head and chin.

Step 6: Add scales to the dragon’s body. Draw a series of small, overlapping triangles to create the dragon’s scales. Add larger scales along the dragon’s spine.

Step 7: Add shading and texture to the dragon to make it look more realistic. Use crosshatching or shading techniques to achieve this.

And there you have it, your own dragon drawing!

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