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Two Girls Sitting Together Step By Step Pencil Sketch Drawing

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Two Girls Sitting Together Pencil Sketch Drawing || Step By Step


Step 1: Start by drawing the basic shapes of the girls’ bodies. Draw two oval shapes for the heads, and then draw the bodies as two slightly curved lines connecting at the bottom.

Step 2: Add details to the faces by drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth for each girl. You can give them unique hairstyles or add accessories like hats or glasses to make each girl distinct.

Step 3: Draw the clothes and accessories for each girl. You can use simple shapes like rectangles or triangles to create shirts, skirts, and shoes.

Step 4: Add details to the background by drawing the bench or chair that the girls are sitting on. You can also add trees or other elements to create a more detailed scene.

Step 5: Shade your drawing to create depth and dimension. Use your pencil to create light and dark areas, and use crosshatching to create texture.

Step 6: Add any final details or highlights to your drawing. This could be something like a smile on the girls’ faces or the texture of their clothing.

Well done! With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ve created your very own pencil sketch of two girls sitting together. Keep practicing and exploring your artistic talents!

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